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  • Okay. It sounds good and plays well. :) I don't dare to make video or show my playing skills. Sorry.
    Thanks man, I don't have any music on soundclick. But I do have some on Myspace. If you PM me your email, I'll send you some tracks.
    I have been trapped in time (?)

    Nah, I don't have internet in my house and this year was really bussy :lol:
    Ha..what a meathead!! Yeah i meant to say pick-ups!! Maybe something on the 12th fret only would look pretty'll look awesome when its done im sure dude...good luck!!!!
    Dude...that looks mean as fuck!!! Cant wait to see the finished product. What kind of picks and inlay are you doing? Keep me up to date man \m/
    Nothing wrong with doing all the work yourself dude... just makes it 'Ruins' to the enth degree!!!! Look forward to hearing it!!!
    Whos building the baritone axe for ya man....what are getting done to it??
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