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  • Exactly, me too - i was always missing that bit of extra "cutting" edge i was used from other V30s, i also always thought it was due to the cab and its constructiont hat it sounds darker - but seems like thats also the speaker.

    FWIW: that guy also told me, when he was using V30s (he doesnt use them anymore in his cabs), he had about 60-70 pcs., out of them about 20 old ones (british), and the rest new chinese.

    His comments were - the british ones, you had one absolute perfect speaker, and the next one would be utter crap. hit or miss. The chinese all sound exactly the same, like a good V30.

    Seems like China got its shit together finally. :yesway:
    Hey mate - hows it going?
    we had this discussion about Celestions recently (weeks/moths ago?), esp. about the V30s in Mesa Cabs, as they seem to be built in Ipswitch, and not in China as the label on yours said.

    I recently had a small talk in a bar with a cab-builder, who is in very good contact with the Celestion guys, interesting info i received: the V30s for Mesa are really built in Ipswitch, because, they are acutally modified, and voiced (just a bit) differently to the standard V30.

    I didnt know they were voiced differently also, but then it makes much much more sense why they are built seperately.

    As you seem to be a gearwhore/nerd as i am, i thought i'd share that, i found that interesting.
    YouTube - Cynic- Evolutionary Sleeper

    YouTube - Cynic - Veil of Maya (live at Hovefestivalen) Norway 2007

    Hope you like it. :yesway:
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