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  • It's a double album!
    He's done a bunch more stuff too.

    Then there's Toehider (Aussie band....Queen meets every other prog band in just have to hear it) - that singer was on the most recent Ayreon album.

    Unrelated....Leprous if you aren't familiar....Ihsahn's former backing band.....Emperor meets Ah-ha!

    Distorted Harmony - Israeli prog (very DT esque)

    I should stop because I could list 100 bands you may or may not have heard of and not be done lol
    Btw one of the other main reasons I do this is so those lovely new screws and ferules don't get all chewed up and scratched.
    I'm working on building up some new tools too, so I don't have to carve my guitars with flint axes!!
    I am trying to compensate for that sweet Siren build you got going on, man! :lol: Your work is so clean, I can't stand it! All my stuff seems to get klonked up!
    Thanks! I get at least a couple offers to sell every summer, but they'd have to offer me way more than what it's actually worth to part with it lol
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