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  • I'm thinking Lesnar, as I think he's a better overall fighter. I haven't seen any takedown defense out of Carwin yet, since all his fights end quickly. If Lesnar can take him down and impose his will, he'll win. Carwin could tag him, though. He definitely has power in his hands. Who you got?
    you know whats funny...
    iv been looing for a drummer for years! lol
    theres really barely any around here that can handle a kit in a decent fashion :(

    goodluck on your search :p
    Hey man thanks a lot!
    We're busy as hell right now recording our first album. The end product will be a heck of a lot more full, layered and sophisticated than the tracks currently on the myspace, so stay tuned :metal:
    haha, i just went for gold since it was already a bit beat and didn't look to nice with gloss black paints with basswood showing up here and there. Looks even more shabbier now, and that's fucking badass :lol:
    I wish it was my wife/girlfriend. It's Liz Viscous... porn actress.

    ...and now she's on top of Ariel. Fap away. :lol:
    wow awesome man.. hey you should have another listen.. 2 new 8 string songs are up... fuck yeah the green dot only comes out on special occasions.. yet to play a gig with it too...
    I've made a full recovery thankyou man :)

    I know right? it seems like whenever I post someone out there wants to argue with me just for the sake of it. ah well, I know who those people are and I know not to get involved now.

    did I miss anything while I was away?
    yeah man the Framus is sweet, retubing it with all new tubes soon so will post some vids when that's been done :)

    I've got the tubes, I just haven't sent them to the tech yet :lol:
    haha, actually i bought it when i was 15 :D, I got it pretty dinged up and so I decided to refinish it.. pretty half assed job :lol:, I'm getting it wired up, its at my mates house for now. It hasn't been playable for about 3/4's of a year :noway:.. I'm looking forward to playing it :shred:
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