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  • I've owned both. I admit the older/Alder sounded better, but the newer ones are certainly usable, and great value for the price!
    Pretty much the same thing. Only difference depends on color and year. There's plenty of overlap, so it's not a big deal.
    I know! I love my Tobacco Sunburst! As far as the P90's, they are Dimarzio Soapbars and I had to file a bit on the corners of the covers to make them work, but it wasn't very much to do at all.
    I'm assuming you're talking about the picture in my NGD thread with the tattoo of the outlined figure. That person is my brother, not me. And the Tattoo is from the book Catch 22.
    That's awesome dude. I want a '76 Goldtop Deluxe SO bad. My inner Mike Ness is trying to work his way out!
    well my 321 has a plek job on the frets so thats part of the reason why I feel it has an advantage over my 121 but the 321's neck is just a little slimmer than it too, and the whole guitar weighs a decent amount more. The maple cap is pretty thick on it.
    It was built in Korea. I bought mine on eBay with a case for $600 two years ago. Price seems to be holding at that.
    It's my favourite guitar. I notice the pickups are a little anemic when I switch to guitars that have better pickups, but a mild EQ shift on the amp makes up for it. The neck is very fast, the matte finish on the back is super slippery. The neck heel on the RGT guitars is super comfortable. You could spend all day on frets 17-24. The trem is very stable and never falls out of tune. It's impossible to see the side dots because the pearloid binding is so 3D, but I painted lime green nailpolish dots on to fix that. I've been spending more time with my newer PRS SE Torero, but whenever I go back to the RGTHRG it just feels like home in my hands.
    It would be hard to negatively effect the tone of a guitar by adding any shape or sort of wood to the top of it, assuming its thin. The tone was great on all of the ones I played.

    If I were you, I would definitely try to get one for under $1500, though. If you're going to play it, please be gentle with it - they ding up very easily, since they're oiled mahogany.
    I assume you're talking about my profile picture. It's a Washburn WM536 custom shop. The last guitar to come out of Washburns custom shop
    They're extremely cool. The neck is just like a nice Prestige neck (because that's what it is), but the all natural one is really cool to feel, look at, and hear because it's all oiled. I sold all of mine for so cheap and now they're fetching nearly $2k every time. Haha. Oh well.
    ESP Horizon or sounds like me haha. Those are sweet guitars man, I own two and love them, plan on many more.

    I work a lot. I went my whole summer last year without a day off. I was either working at Wal Mart in hardware or cutting a lot of grass. I still rarely have a day off where I do not have school or grass cutting to do. I also have little social life either lol
    Thanks man, and this is just the start. I am hoping to have an arsenal of ESPs, Jacksons, PRSi, Music Man, Suhr, Anderson, and a few others buy the time I am 6 feet under. You can do it man, you just need to work hard and save up.
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