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    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Has it ever crossed your mind that soldiers who feel respected and supported by the country they're fighting for might be more effective? Is there any chance that you don't understand all the factors predictive of troop efficacy, and unthinkingly assume the old ways were superior just because...
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    Polyphia with Vai

    "Boomer bends" was something Tim Henson said group in the group interview with Tosin and Misha by Rick Beato. He was off-handedly referring specifically to a certain kind of bending, not all bending.
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    PRS MT 15: FX Loop Hum Solutions

    I'm about to sell my MT15 due to the fx loop noise (and I just bought a 5153...), so this thread had me excited to try to salvage it. Then the thread continued and I got confused. If I go ahead, any reason to use a 12au7 in V5/6 and a 5751 in V3/4? Could I just use two of the same tube?
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    Adversary guitars

    Weird thread. Why so adversarial?
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    Polyphia with Vai

    Weird song. Feels like it's just 6 minutes of default Polyphia riffs over a couple default Polyphia beats. Seems like they at least could have given the bassist a feature for a couple bars. I wonder if he's making a deliberate point lately to just serve the song, or if he did less of the writing...
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    NGD: Majesty Customs Headless aka if Ibanez made actually pretty headless JEM ;-)

    I still think folks are sleeping on the Strandberg-style secondary thigh cutout. It's great for maintaining ergonomics while lounging or just allowing a change in posture during long play sessions. Putting the output jack right in the middle of it removes that advantage, though.
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    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    Bought an ivory 6L6 last week and can confirm the premise of this thread. I've barely touched the red channel so far as I'm so enamoured with the blue and green (especially the former).
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    What is this new Polyphia song?

    Tim has a making of video for Playing God wherein he says Wes Hauch came up with Scott's first solo and the bossa nova change section. I love Wes and that first solo so that's fun. Didn't know those guys hang out.
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    Post Your GAS

    dang. I agree about the pickup rings tho. Iffy on the gold hardware too. The cockstock is maybe my favorite of ESP's, mostly because I don't like any of their other ones. (and the best headstock is no headstock come at me)
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    Choosing a Reverb Pedal

    That demo video is incredible. All the ones on Reverb are brand new, so it seems everyone who buys one keeps it. I ended up with the Ventris, and it's... fine? It can do a ton of stuff but I haven't really fallen in love with any of the sounds. Need to mess with it some more but the Immerse is...
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    Post Your GAS

    What's happening? Is the whole body a single piece of very quilted maple?
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    Post Your GAS

    A nice change from Strandberg's usual bland finishes. They want 6k for it though.
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    Jackson Elite Guitars

    Not familiar but a quick search seems to suggest they were a stripped down MIJ line from 2011, so maybe similar idea to the recent MJ series?
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    The facts about compound radius?

    I definitely notice the difference between the various radii on my guitars, but not in a way that bothers me or requires active adjustment. When I have a choice I tend to go for something between 16 and 20". These days my only compound radius is the 10-14" on my P bass. I do appreciate compound...
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    Educate me on swamp ash wood for higain

    Veji, educate me on your motivation in starting yet another of these threads. Do you have a condition that prevents you from making memories, or do you just love the attention?

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