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  • Dude, the K3 is an astounding camera for the price. Up there with the 6d, no doubt. Since it doesn't have an anti-aliasing filter the images you get out of it are just stupidly sharp. It's ridiculous, honestly.

    I rented one for a few weeks to see how I got aThose two red-brick church shots just had the smallest amount of sharpening added. The K3 (or K5ii, the camera I own) would just be ridiculous with that Sigma 17-35.

    k3 - a set on Flickr
    Hi Pilligan, haven't been here for a while, thanks heaps for the kind words and the link!
    I'm setting up a profit share business so as to retire and dedicate myself full-time to studying and playing music so there may only be a video here and there for the next little while but I'm seriously wood-shedding at the moment, learning from Frank Gambale and Derryl Gabel vids and books, so hopefully when I re-emerge from the abyss I have some better things to say. I will be on here from time to time and check out what's happening in ERG land. I've got plans early 2014 to have this guitar made by a Canton custom guitars but keep it under wraps... Til then take care man and thanks again, Rodrigo
    Hey man. Took a little bit but wanted to thank you again for the RGA8. I set it up and got a chance to play it next to a slew of 8s worth WAAAAAY more and guess which one played best? Thats right. Very happy with it.
    We also don't tune the bass down to F in the 8-string songs, the bass plays in the same octave as the guitars. The 7-string guitars are in dropped G# and the bass is tuned down, though. I'm really happy with how the sound came out.
    Hey. I don't have 808X's but i have a fair bit of experience with them. I like them a lot, I really like how they have that upper mid cut but they aren't too abrasive like an M8, highs are clear, lows are tight but not lacking. If I had a 2228 and found some 808X's for a good price I'd get em and be happy, for sure, I doubt I'd feel the need to change to passive; there's no nasty compression or hissy high end like your average EMG.

    If you had two guitars, one already with DiMarzios, and wanted something different the 808X's are a great option, the reason I didn't drop everything and jump ship for them is they don't have that big clarity and really sweet, clean high end I like, like the DA's and in a more extreme case the Laces.
    I think they deserve more credit, they're great and I really felt I could use them unlike the standard 808 or even my Aftermath 8, some pickups I just can't gel with despite me being fairly easy going, if only they were a little more crisp!

    Aww that sucks! Id never move a parker for a prs, oh well.

    Its done but taking him forever to find strings and all i asked for was a 10-48 + 62 set. -_-
    Hey Phil, I had a local luthier custom make it from two bone blanks. Very satisfied with the results - guitar can finally intonate correctly, the action is low, the string heights match the fretboard radius, and there is no buzzing, hang-ups, or pop-outs. Here's his website: and you can see my RGA8 in the blog. Price for labor plus the blanks was $64, but I also had him level the frets and do a complete setup, so the total was larger. Not sure if you know someone local who could do this or if you want to see if you could ship it to him if you're comfortable doing that. I also have the original locking nut that he tried to modify before making the bone nut. I am looking to sell that. He used a belt sander to file the bottom of it to reduce its overall height and filed down some of the grooves so that the strings would actually sit in the bottom of them. It was big improvement, but the bone nut route works better.
    Haha yeah you and everyone else. I probably wasn't incredibly inventiv e but it allowed me to play some things that would be physically impossible to stretch to otherwise. The 7 is also a minor chord if you barre all 7 strings which is amazingly helpful.
    Not a problem man, and yeah, I was a bit hesitant for it as well. One bit of advice though, use a larger drill bit than you would usually deem necessary, as I tried using a small one, and because I had to angle the drill as I am assuming you will have to as well if you pots and wiring are already done like mine were, because my drill-bit broke off in the hole. It took me a little bit, but I got it back out using a magnetic screw driver, but yeah, learn from my horror of first time fuck ups :lol:
    Thanks man, and not a problem

    Basically all you do is buy a bolt (That's the path I chose) that fits you bridge put, screw it in and then pull it out leaving the cavity open. Then you open the back, drill a hole from the back cavity to the bridge cavity, and stick the wire in between the wood and the pin, pushing the pin back in, and then solder the other end to the back of your pot.
    Ha ha :lol: Well unfortunately, I just got fired from my temp job, so my NGD plans are basically much on hold. Pretty pissed.
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