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  • The optical pad, is the same as the trackball but a bit faster. It doesn't lag or anything. Really solid. The only thing, I'd want is a bit more RAM, so they can run a bit faster.

    Non the less, they are amazing phones and won't switch to a regular phone easily again. :D
    I saw your thread awhile back -- your S7 is looking pretty rad! That pickguard is going to be pretty unique indeed and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the final paint job. Mine's gonna the least Tele looking Tele eva!
    Because, you know, nothing makes for more interesting music conversation than a wily gilded mane. :lol:
    But seriously. Muzak. :squint:
    Not all of it. I'm keeping my cab to turn into a 2x12, and keeping my 5 string bass and two of my 6 string guitars. I haven't played in months. Playing guitar is actually physically difficult for me, and I have other interests that're taking my time (mainly family life, school, and trying to get into shooting competitions).

    I've been throwing the idea around to sell a lot of it for a long time.
    Do you know why they stopped doing these models? I certainly wasn't expecting anything special when I snagged mine brand new off of ebay. It even stayed in its case unplayed for a couple of months. I was in love with the finish and overall body countour, weight but for some reason I though the stock pickups were cheap sounding without making a test first. HOW WRONG I WAS. Now I am here trying to get another one and a seven.

    I will love you for all time.

    PM me some prices when you see what you've got available. :wag:
    Wow, I didn't know it was that big an operation. Sounds like a sick place to work. :yum:

    I was going to jump on one of those necks when they were originally listed on ebay, but wasn't in a super rush (because the number available was HUGE). When I finally decided to bite, I saw their weren't anymore listed... my luck. :rant: Anywho, I inherited a couple Nuno style bodies a local guy builds and I was figuring on getting something to go with it (since that's the hardest part to replicate). I'm always looking for odds and ends, though, because I do a lot of Frankenstein projects here at my shop.

    If you get a tip on any of that stuff that's not up on the site but you guys are willing to sell, drop me a PM or something... I'm super interested.
    Ah, so you're Funky Munky Music, eh? You still have any of those fretboard-less Stephens necks coming through your shop? I though that was you guys, anyway.
    I did try the two cable thing, but it didn't work either. I'm sure it's my own dumb fault...I just haven't sat down to figure it out yet. I'm trying to justify my want to buy a new interface :lol:
    Guitar > Axe > Left Output 1 > Lexicon Alpha > Garageband on my MacBook Pro.

    Lexicon Alpha > Monitors.

    I'm having an issue with it though. I've got all the settings right for stereo, but I'm only getting left channel, no matter what I do. I'm pretty sure my interface is garbage.

    Oh yea, and an FBC1010 controlling it.
    Fuck yes, glad to hear, brother :metal:

    I was actually about to shoot you a message asking about it. Seeing you post earlier reminded me :lol:

    Now, get shit recorded :squint:
    It's a bit different - the biggest influences on it are Opeth, In Flames, Sonata Arctica, Final Fantasy music, and Eric Johnson, with a good dose of classical and a tiny bit of jazz/swing. It sounds like much more of a mouthful than it should. It works though. I have a couple of absolutely brilliant guys working with me for now.
    That is definitely on my mind! Jim and I have discussed it, but he's not exactly comfortable with fanned frets cause he's never done it before. Things may have changed cause it's been awhile since we've talked about it. However, what I have in mind currently is a 28.625" 8 string. The problem I had with my Agile was difficulty in bends, particularly controlling them. My Anaconda, being a half inch longer than the Ibanez extended scales i've played, is without question the easiest extended scale to bend notes on, so maybe the 28.625 won't be so bad. If it is a pain, I'll use it for the songs I don't have solos and to track rhythms.
    lol thanks. im glad i'm not the only one who found those episodes awesome. damn near busted my gut everytime he yelled out "shablagooo" so random, yet so funny lol
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