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  • Hell yeah dude I know Vincent. He is an awesome guitarist. He was in a death metal band with some other guys I know. We all used to practice at 12 below when it was still open. Cool dude too. I wish I could say I was working to fund gear. Bills suck a huge one. Hopefully I'll have a lined up in savannah soon and I'll be ready to get something going then. That S7420 is my baby, I love that guitar more than anything else I own. Unfortunately it's in the shop at the.moment. it fell off a stand back in February during a tv appearance I did a while back and cracked the neck. It should be back in action soon. Working on getting another one. Loving you universe by the way. I'm a HUGE sucker for universes.
    I'm not in a band right now haven't been in a while but I'm dying to get back into it. I'm planning on getting something going once I find a new job. I'm also hoping to move down to savannah so it will be a lot easier to be in a band. I know a bass player named tony dunno how good he is though. I got in touch with him Craigslist . What's the guy's name from statesboro? I know a few guys out that way that play sevens
    I'm up in SC about 30 minutes from downtown Sav. I was in a few bands in Savannah a while back, the most recent was Shadow of Creation.
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