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  • I might just record it all myself :lol:

    There's one song that has stupid fast picking on... that part I'll leave to him :lol:
    Yeah dude, wrote an albumsworth of material with now-Sylosis guitarist Bailey that never saw the light of day. We keep saying we've got to record it someday, but that hasn't happened yet :lol:
    As I said amigo - no harm done as far as I am concerned (I tend to rant first and am equally guilty of a lack of clarification) so avoiding bitter off-topic discussions can only be a good thing :)

    Just to clarify bro:

    "Now, I know Behemoth is a very antireligous band, with a lot of Satanic imagery, and that a lot of Christians are blinded by their zealotry"

    Not "fuck all Christians", but most certainly fuck the blinkered zealots I had dealings with on that topic. I absolutely respect people's right to worship howsoever they please (within the caveat that no-one is forced into doing so or punished for not doing so) but these idiots simply didn't have a clue about Satanism and assumed that they're all cavorting around worshipping Lucifer/selling souls. Clearly had that read any further rather than believing one biased opinion they would have discovered the more literal sense of questioning religion and standing against centuries of directed thought with the threat of hellfire a constant punishment for daring to think for yourself rather than their assumptions..

    No harm done, I just don't want you to imagne I'm anti-Christian when I certainly believe in live and let live :)
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