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  • Not yet; that one is priced about $200 over what mine was and mine is MIJ too. Gotta look for deals! Thanks though!
    CRAP I accidentally gave you bad holiday rep. Like a present that turns out to be a smelly rotten banana. I'll make it up ASAP! :(
    Yep, I'm out in Quartz Hill specifically, though I'm getting ready to move to east lancaster here in a couple of months. Yay me! :lol:

    There's actually a few of us AV peeps on here. My buddy CJ (username Vanzeplica) posts on here occasionally, and my little brother (username Rat) posts on here too; though he hasn't probably posted in a while because he can't remember his password. Damn weed rotted his brain out. :lol:
    Dude 1:06 on your tune in your sig just kicked my ass....I loved it. Great job man.

    It's back at 2:16!!! YES! Following you now.
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