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  • Hey there...Merry Chrsitmas! I just got a guitar in need of a high gain single coil. I was wandering if Tim still offers the impulse single coils and if he does, how do they compare with cobras?
    Hello Josh, I would like to ask you if you could provide me some help for IEM systems. We are trying to step up our live show and our performance with my band, so I thought using IEMs with will make it a little bit easier. I have seen quite a different options for rack mixers and console mixers from the behringer x32 to allen and heath glds, but I am having trouble to understand the criteria of choosing one, besides the budget. Thanks.
    Hey man any EQ suggestions for the Blackhawks? Recently got one in my JP7 and it slays \m/. I run everything through an Axe II, 5150 block letter and an Orange Cab
    Hey so dumb question but can you explain what 550k volume pots do or what they normally are?
    Hey man, i was just wondering what equipment you use (like effects and amp wise) and how you guys set it up for a live performance (guitar to effects to amp etc...)
    Hopefully soon then. Btw, I wanted to ask what do you think about the BKP Cold Sweat in the bridge of a basswood bodied JP7? Im running through an Axe Fx II, Peavey 5150 block letter, and Mesa OS cab
    Hey man just wanted to say Scarab and Quantum Flux are TOOO GOOD. The mix sounds amazing too. Cant wait to give the album some more listens :hbang:
    hey man.

    congrats on the album .sure your flat out

    you still using the blackhawks in your katana ? I'm thinking of swapping the cpig set to them in mine . cpig set is great but I think I wanna try a tad less bottom end/tighter with the 7
    Hey man, loving the new material! Was just wondering, what are the individual gauges for that 12-80 custom set you use for the drop A# with a low F tuning? Cheers :)
    Bugger, don't think I'll be able to make it up with work and uni..:ugh:
    Next time you guys are in Hamilton for sure though!:yesway:
    New song is sick mate! So guttered I missed you guys at the void (fucking work), come back through hamilton asap!
    I kept seeing northlane on my facebook feed and checked it out. I am in straight love with quantum flux. I really cant wait for the album. Thanks for the neat tunes.
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