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  • heard a few of your tunes, just wanted to tell you "good Job!!!" Diggin that stuff! The "fuck your face!" moniker is pretty funny too!
    I saw that the RG has been delivered; so how do you like it dude? I loooooove the K7, thanks a lot! The Jackson is kinda beat to shit :ugh: :lol: but still, hells yeah! Hope you're digging the RG8.
    Great working with you again, Nick. :yesway:

    Thanks for being easy to talk with, and really working hard at getting this deal done ASAP. Hope things are going well with the child. :yesway:
    Thanks! I'm getting really heavy in luthiering and I'm hoping to get my hands on a descent SLR camera for taking sexy pictures *of the guitars ;)*, so hopefully they'll be rather attractive. :D
    Ok, I know that it's an italian last name...
    but it cannot be traslated to italian directly to "Scary angel"
    The last part "angella" is similar to the Italian word for Angel...
    But the first part of the word: Scar - well scary traslate in italian in "pauroso" "angoscioso" or "spaventoso".
    I read an old post of you...
    "Scarangella" in italian actually doesn't mean scary angel.
    Actually that word doesn't exist in Italian.
    "Scoreggella" instead is the most similar word to to that name that comes to my mind...and it actually means "little fart"
    Alright bro I'll spread the word by the way do you guys have a demo out available for purchase?
    Hey man I voted for your band I saw the thread you posted is there anything else I can do to help your band out with?
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