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  • No problem, man. We're considering possibly going to the All That Remains and Fear Factory show on the 11th, which is Friday next week. I'm not 100% on that one, but it's a day to consider. Same deal... I should be able to shuttle everybody, as long as I can make it for that one.
    The show's listed 3-7pm, but obviously they're only going to a small blip in the middle of that. I'll see if I can get an estimate when about they'll be going on, but figure sometime in there. I'm not expecting them to go on all that early, so I can work with you on when you're getting out of work. :yesway:
    Shot in the dark.

    My drummer's other band is playing a battle of the bands in Albany next Saturday. A few of the guys from the forum are planning on going, so I figured I'd see if you wanna come with. I think we're car pooling, if you're game I can pick you up.
    I have no idea how I never noticed you live in Schenectady. I work on Nott Terrace.
    Nope. You wouldn't be able to use it for anything BUT direct recording (and you would want a decent set of monitors for your PC then) but no, no need to power a guitar cab if you don't want to.
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