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  • well, you are persistant, I'll give you that. religeon certainly can change someone, but saying that all abrahamic religeons are shackels that are used to enslave mankind is wrong. and even if they were created to do such (catholism is a good example, especialy during the 1500s) that doesn't mean that everyone who deicides to follow that religeon immediately transforms into an asshole who hates anyone who is different from them. there are many tolerant people of every religeon. besides, followers of christianity (I'm assuing this is the main religeon that you are refering to, if not, could you make it a little more clear?) often loosely practice their faith and are very hypocritical in doing so. there are exceptions, of curse, but most people seem as if they just go to church on christman and easter. as to what I said in regard to ted nugent, I apologize, I misunderstood which person you were talking about.
    It was consensual anyway, I'm pretty sure her parents wouldn't just let someone double thier daughter's age rape her. I'm assuming you're talkng about the Hawaiian girl he adopted, correct?
    Thanks boss. It's getting pretty close to done. I'm going to mount the neck hopefully today or tomorrow and test out a few different piezo transducer options.
    I read the post about the Alvarez Villian you bought from GC. I am wondering if it is a keep for you..or wether you would interested in selling it? I play gigs here on Long Island, and would like a guitar that is more stable than the wooden solid bodies I use. Let me know. I can BEST be reached at by calling (516) 661-8361 GtrGeorge (also known as George Barry). Thanks.
    Yeah Marty did the paint on my bass and not only was his work incredible and super-fast, but his communication was fantastic. He'll help however he can I'm sure, he's a really nice guy. :)
    The color chart was given to me by Marty Bell since those are the paints he uses for his stuff. If you go to his site and grab his email addy, I'm sure he could tell you where to source one (assuming they still give out the color sample charts, the one he sent me was old and tattered :rofl:). :yesway:
    Thanks I try my hardest. But really this does suck, I think the surgeon fucked up and cut my tongue instead of my tonsils because it hurts more than the tonsils :ugh:
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