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  • Greeting's from Seattle, WA. I was wondering if you had any links or tips that you found very helpful when you first bought your Line 6 Pod HD pro x. I recently bought one and it gets delivered in a few days and was hoping to be a master at it right out of the box. :)

    Any help or feedback and I would be grateful.

    Cheers and good times,

    Hi there. I precisely want to buy one ibanez like yours and get a pair of nazgul+sentient. Do you recommend them? cheers!
    sup man! yup, I've seen that there a few guys on here from the Columbia area, pretty few and far in between though. You look kinda familiar, maybe you've come into Musician Supply in Lexington? That's where I work.
    oooo ooooo i want the supressor pedal... gotta put money in my acount in a few days... tomorros payday so i would need a few days befor i purchase... that ok?
    Nice score- love Vs!
    Trying to finish up a few guitars to sell but I don't know if I can part with that v you got me!
    haha, yep, I am not far from Sandhills shopping center. Another 7 string fan to the columbia area :) Yey
    hey cola town "brother" what's up, didn't know anyone else lived in this part of crapolina, howdy do partner?
    Oh wow, that's great to hear. Can't wait, I was in a death metal band (one of savannahs only I believe, Eat Your Young) so I'm sure we'll click pretty well. Sorry about your guitar hate when that shit happens, good to know it is getting fixed. You would definitely love the UV man, I can fucking fly on this thing and do things I never thought I could do...never thought I'd ever own this thing but am glad I am.
    Totally understand your debacle with bills though dude, I'm riding the stay at home thing atm until I get started with college and such. I'll be staying here for a while however so a jam sesh is definitely in order.
    Yeah dude we're in the same boat I guess. The sole reason I'm working pretty much is to fund more gear haha, my Universe fills that void pretty well though. The dude's name is Vincent, he showed me a little clip of stuff he's worked on in the past and it sounds pretty legit, no sign of sloppy playing and not being able to keep time like most guitarists I've jammed with show. If you do decide to move down here definitely let me know, I'm without a practice space however so that would have to be worked out if a full band ever is to happen. Really dig your s7420 with aftermaths, the one in my UV sounds fuckin' killer.
    Ohhh awesome dude. I've been talking to a guitarist up in Statesboro who i'm supposed to meet and jam with, has a recording rig similar to mine so we might write some stuff here and there. You in any bands now? Know any drummers, bassists for example? I have the same rig as you just about (6505+) and have been itching to get out and play with a full band since my first band broke up about 4 years ago. I live on the Islands (wilmington) by the way.
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