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  • Last time I checked, it was in Bacchus's home planet, just started going though the Sanctuary path. Everyone lvl 50 onwards.

    I have a feeling that I may have missed a few things... :lol:
    Hey man, sorry I hardly come on here these days! Nah I've still got it, and it's still for sale :yesway:
    Hi there I'm happy to help. For the RG1527 and the sound you're after, I would recommend the Painkiller or Miracle Man models. Both are extremely tight, clear, full, and sound amazing. The PK will have more high mids and the MM more low mids. They both can get great clean and lead tones as well, especially from neck and middle positions.

    If you'd like to continue this discussion or if you'd like to order, I welcome you to contact me at 508-921-9973, [email protected], or of course via PM :)


    There's no need to get all personal over a difference of opinion dude... Seems like a lot of people here can't handle a different perspective on things, and end up being rude...
    Hey thanks man! Yeah, I guess the last lick is a real Martin moment. I love that guy, but then he's not the only dude to do tapped arpeggios like that :)
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