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  • Hey Mr. St. .. how are you? ... I ask you something ... I heard that the korn using one 060 bass strings for the A... what do you think?
    Yeah, I know, I just realised today that it's been ages since we caught up.:lol: I've been OK, just stupidly busy finishing uni stuff and hunting for work...the usual crap.

    How've you been?

    Oh, BTW...sent you a Facebook friend request.:)
    We guitarists who use the seven strings ibanez can boast of using the best guitar ... the Frist seven strings electric guitar was an ibanez
    I do not speak good and do not write your language ... I'll just say that I use the Ernie Ball 2621 10/56
    Ok here in Italy is very difficult to find the strings 52 54 or 56 I use the Ernie Ball 2621 Regular Slinky 10/56 and I come from the US I advice you to use a 056mm strings for the A
    Hi ,

    Nice to meet up with you .....had a great day meeting all you lot this weekend. Maybe next time i'll have a look at that cool Universe you had .....and i'll bring along my RG2228

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