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  • Mr. Big Noodles,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain intervals. Your comment about moving from Gm>F#m being a minor 2nd going down forced me to study this.

    I just finished my homework reading your posts and the links and can establish that:

    Inverting a major 7th interval: G to F#
    would yield a minor 2nd interval: F# to G

    ...which is probably why you refered to Gm>F#m as down a minor 2nd.

    Hope I got it right...and all the best to you :yesway:
    Political parties arguing over independence. Blah blah! What prompted the name change?
    Hey man, just wanted to say I love it whenever you post. Always blowing my mind or making me stuff way easier for me to understand than I already do!
    In what order would you recommend learning aspects of theory? I was in all of the music classes my high school offered, am able to read music and keep time, but I haven't gone past sight reading and performance. Obviously there were scales I don't remember and the circle of fifths, but that's it.
    I heard you are the one to go to about anything, right? Can you better explain the modes of any scale? I can't learn them without mentally dying of music theory exhaustion.
    I've been learning a lot from your posts, and I need to thank you in some way. Is there a get-SchecterWhore-a-new-Schecter fund? Think about it.

    In the mean time, a humble offering of a musical nature. Hope you like it. sezen aksu - yine mi çiçek - YouTube

    here this diminished triad will help you while I remember to do that orchestration exercise.

    (I am not very good at remembering without post-it notes everywhere)
    Dude, I just tried out Finale, and it's 10x better than Guitar pro for notating.

    You were so right.

    That's right motherfucker, you mother-fucking like my comments motherfucker. :lol:

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