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  • wow...that swirl turned out awesome. that color combo rocks.

    yeah ive been gone a while too...but im back. c ya around
    Haha thanks, just practice man, nothing else :) Thanks for coming out to the gig!
    hey, sorry man, ive been gone for awhile. i was on here everyday for a few months then just had to take a break cause i couldnt get anything done. i wondered why i never saw boba fett or stormtrooper avatars. im gonna stick with it for awhile.

    btw...did you ever get those pups?
    Do you mean like this:

    That would certainly be a great set-up man. I love Avatar cabs. I miss mine dearly, as I couldn't move with them. The Contemporary series is VERY Orange-like.
    Awesome! :hbang: Still an amazing game, though the PS1 anthology kinda ruined it for me with the loading time between battles. :squint: And Chrono Cross rules too. I have the OST signed by Mitsuda himself... actually I showed him my collection of his entire discography. He laughed and happily signed them all. What a champ. :lol: :yesway:
    You'll notice an increase in sustain and clarity thanks to the denser materials used in the Hipshot. It's a fine upgrade.
    never heard the combo before but should be good - they are great seprately.

    post a review & sound clip too
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