Tweaking perfectly good guitars

PC gaming, building & overclocking PCs
St. Louis, MO
Primary Seven
None atm
Main Rig
Blackstart HT5 Mk II
Real Name
Sevenstring Guitars
None, atm
Other Guitars
2019 Agile AL3100MCC (EMG Retroactive Hot 70 set)
2017 Warmoth / Fender partscaster (currently EMG RA2/SAVX with SPC)
1995 Epiphone Les Paul (el cheapo Ebay Alnico5s and an even cheaper Amazon harness)

Two partscasters that will eventually contain Fishman Fluence HSS and Mojotone QuietCoils
-Homebuilt Fender AB763 (Deluxe / Princeton) circuit preamp
-Hotone Mojo Diamond (awesome SS amp)
-Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 w/ Mini Recto 1x12 cab
-Blackstar HT5-MkII Combo
Effects & Pedals
-Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss
-TC Electronic AlterEgo X4
-Keely D&M Drive
-ElectroHarmonix The Worm
Tech Support for Datatabases
Cabinets / Monitors
Mesa Boogie Mini Recto 1x12 slanted cab
Studio & Recording Gear
-2 rather old CAD cardioid mics
-Audix i5
-Sennheiser e609


Currently in progress of replacing every guitar I have...piece by piece

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