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  • It's pretty awesome! :)! Heavy as all hell though! Hahaha.

    HA! Yeah, the snow has left off for a bit fortunately!
    Thanks man! I'll post super awesome pro NZL style NGD for y'all.

    Just 1 question, how do you get the "Agile Intrepid Owners club" picture in your signature? I was trying before and it wasnt working...

    The EarCandy is doing great. I have a decent solid state amp paired with it right now, but I am planning on swapping it for something that will better match the cab. A buddy of mine just ordered a Vader 2x12, so I will get to test the two side by side. I am looking forward to that.
    Man, you're selling ALL the gear that I knew you had when you were taking lessons from me. That's no good about your situation. I hope everything works out for you. :yesway:

    That's cool you finally got an Agile!
    Yeah, Spinks! He's a great dude. The last time we were in Lawrence was Summer of 2007, on tour with Battlefields. That was our last major US tour, everything in the past two years has been either local or overseas. Dylan from Samothrace actually played bass on a couple of Battlefields' later tours too, and we've done some shows in Philly for Samothrace since 07.
    Do you know the band Samothrace? I've toured through Lawrence several times and my band is good friends with those dudes.
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