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  • Same here. Coulda been amazing but Sony stopped making games for it, and I don't feel like having a 200$ handheld to play indie games on.
    Was about to offer you a PS Vita for your 360 but then remembered that you had and sold a Vita before haha. Good luck selling the Xbox!
    Dude! Did you see this model - Caterpillars Shark | CG Daily news
    That level of modeling is insane ... but awesome!! :)
    For some unknown reason, we are not yet friends on Facebook: /soldiers.of.filth
    Nice. I'm not sure if we'll be flying or driving out there when my sister has her baby, my mom is flying out there, but my work schedule and my dad's work schedule may not allow us to drive out there, which will dictate what I bring with me. :lol:
    It does get warm, but it's passed the timeframe for warmth in the SF Bay Area, this past summer and the few summers before that, it was cold as shit and got hot around the middle of September.

    I'll be back in that general area (I hail from the North Bay) to visit, since my older sister is still there and will be having her kid in March-April, so if I have the time (work schedule permitting) we'll definitely try to chill and possibly jam if I have a guit with me.
    Let me warn you that the bay area is food and foggy during this time of the year, not as file as MA or CO, but still pretty cold. There's a lot of rain, as well and it's expensive to live in California. :lol:
    Ben. We haven't conversed in a while, dude! Where in California are you moving to? I can tell you where to not go... California. :lol:
    I finished the series the other day (read a few books in between VI and VII).

    I liked the last book, but I was pretty bummed that Flagg just got eaten. After all of The Stand I was expecting more from him.
    Wizard and Glass was my favorite. I'm still on Wolves of the Calla, but Wizard was just so emotional.

    I posted on the SK forum, and from what I got, it was only Roland imagining the lobstrosities tearing Eddie a new face. If that's true, SK did an awful job describing it from his perspective.
    So it has been bothering me for quite some time now. In The Drawing of the Three, when Eddie is tied on the beach and the lobstrosities are coming for him, right before the chapter ends and you are launched into Roland as Mort's last moments, it says that one of the lobstrosities claws him through the face, piercing one of Eddie's eyes. Then there is no further mention of the injury, as if it never happened. It's been ebbing at me for a bit, as I am a good chunk into The Waste Lands and Eddie is still a hundred per cent healthy. :scratch:
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