Aug 7, 2008
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Racine, WI
Beer. Seriously.

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Likes trem wankery., from Racine, WI

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      Thank for the suggestion!
      The Ibanez SR506 looks alot like my ESP 5-string I have now, and I own a 4-string Ibanez Soundgear and I like the sound of it, I just don't really like the fret board (has ALOT of buzz). I do like the look of the SR506 though.
    2. Metalus
      Awesome man thanks a bunch :yesway:

      Ive been thinking of either getting a VHT2502, Mesa 2:90, or an ENGL E 850/100.

      Ill probably end up with the Mesa since ive always been a fan of Mesa's in general. Plus its cheaper than the ENGL lol
    3. Metalus
      Think u could send me some of those links? Id like to do more research on it.

      So alot of what u like about the Axe-Fx is what other Axe-Fx owners have been telling u about it? Id love to hear some of this :D

      Yeah man totally feel ya on that. I love the idea of not having to worry about my settings being changed, the fact that it weighs next to nothing compared to a tube amp, etc etc.
      According to Tosin from AAL, he thinks going direct to the PA would make the Axe-Fx sound much better then through a power amp > cab setup.

      So what else would you have in ur 6 pc rack besides an Axe-Fx? Ive been thinking about my rack setup as well and im looking at some ideas to go along with the Axe-Fx if i do end up trading my amp :yesway:
    4. Metalus
      Yeah man im dying to get my hands on one. The car thing completely took it out of the equation

      Funny u should mention the Axe-Fx. Im also very interested in getting one too. Ive even been considering trading my Savage for one. But im not sure.

      How do u think they fair against tube amps? Do u think the hype is true?
    5. Metalus
      Hahahaha :lol: true true

      Theres another guitar im starving for...the RG7620. I had the money to get my hands on one recently, but then i got the bill for my car repair and i was like :squint:

      As soon as i get some cash again, the RG7620 is the first thing imma hunt :shred:.
    6. Metalus
      No problem shes already a filthy whore anyway :lol:
    7. Metalus
      Hahaha i hear ya. Lemme knw when ur down here again dude. We can hang out, jam out, and maybe u could lemme try that sexy UV green dot of urs lol
    8. Metalus
      Hey man i just noticed u used to live in FL. Damn too bad ur not here i wouldve loved to have gotten together and jammed out.

      Btw thanks a bunch for all the answers to my questions dude :yesway: Ur always the first to answer all my Ibby related questions. So goes the life of a fellow Ibby whore :lol:
    9. MorbidTravis
      i went to cooper city high cuz my burnt down house is in cooper city. everyone i know here goes to western.
    10. MorbidTravis
      i was lurking around profiles and saw you said you lived off pine island and 84, damn lol cuz i live off hiatus and 84 and work at the char hut on pine island.
    11. MorbidTravis
      ah so you missed the only time florida will ever be cold
    12. MorbidTravis
      you're in florida? where at?
    13. Andii
      You just had to post a wink face... come on man don't ruin it. :lol:
    14. JBroll
      No problem, don't worry too much about it.

    15. tranqx
      Oh word haha how are you liking it? I lived in the Peoria area for 7 years and had to move to Texas ha, where'd you move from?
    16. tranqx
      Saw you were from Peoria man, what school did you go to?
    17. Shawn
      Ahh I just noticed you are a fellow UV player. Cool. :yesway:
    18. mattofvengeance
      Hey bro, whenever you get on, shoot me a text. I was trying to text you over the holidays, but for some reason, your number is now absent from my phone, as well as your email address. I dunno wtf happened.
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    Racine, WI
    Beer. Seriously.
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    UV7s & Suhr M7s
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    Ibanez & Suhr
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    Ibanez, Washburn, Peavey, Gibson, Suhr
    Fractal & Marshall
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    Marshall, JBL, Port City, Avatar
    I Like Guitars.


    Need help with setting up a trem?
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