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  • I actually do not possess the instrument of which I want to swirl yet. Thank you for the helpful link sir :)
    I was just very curious though, between oil and enamel, which do you recommend to attempt swirling with for a greenhorn like myself?
    Hello Matt, I have been told you are a master in the art of swirling, would you take me under your wing as an apprentice? :0
    Cant give a definitive answer... someone needs to buy my 4 string first!!! if u happen to get an offer before I get the $$... go for it... I'm just hoping that this bass goes quick!!
    Hey Matt... Lemme see if i can sling my Custom GSR on craigslist... really love the seven you have for sale... just need the cash :wallbash:
    what up dude! i read in a thread u use blaze pickups in baswood body ...soo which blaze for bridge position and does it sound like old korn? thanks in advance!
    the lovely lady has it. she's been over a couple times since then but i haven't been able to get her over for a jam type situation yet. as soon as she comes over for that i'm going to talk her into to recording it. :)
    First ya get da sevenstring, den you get da power, den you get da woman man!
    Awesome toast joke btw :rofl:
    ah cool! that´s a tough one! :lol:

    i went with white and orange, as both would be awesome. that´s as specific as i can get though :D
    There were these three guys at the bar the other day. One of them says, "Hey Dave, lemme tell you a story."

    He says, "My good friend was at the bar the other night, he didn't get home until 4 in the morning." He walked into his house and woke up his wife and said, "Bitch, get up and make me some food!"

    Wife says, "Mutha fucka I ain't makin you shit!"

    Guy says, "Bitch, if you don't get up and make me some food you won't see me for 3 days..."

    Wife says, "Fuck you, I don't care if I don't see you for a week!!"

    So the next day comes and the wife climbs outta bed and doesn't see her husband.

    Day two comes and she still doesn't see him..

    A couple more days go by and still nothing!!!!

    On the 5th day she finally sees him



    That fool closed her eyes for nearly a week for not makin him some food

    That'll teach her ass
    Ahh I'll make it... It's just the man tryina keep me down. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'll have that NGD up soon. I'm so tired lately. The weather forecast says there's gonna be a blizzard tomrrow. That should open up some time for me.
    I did... I'm trying so hard to get that NGD thing done... I had so much time on my hands before the move and now all of a sudden I'm in chicken with his head cut off mode. My job called me the day I moved in and told me that on Dec 31 my position is ending which means I have 2 weeks to find something else either internally or abroad before what's called "on the bench" kicks in. On the bench means I have 3 weeks to find something internally or the company and I will be forced to part ways. The way I see it that gives me 5 weeks to find a job and getting hired internally I assume would be easier than getting hired elsewhere. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done. I have an idea of what I can do for the NGD... I may record a jam session w/ me and the lady for whom the axe was purchase on Xmas... That could be cool too.

    But in short, my bad, man. I've been working on getting this place in order and finding a job so I haven't actually played ANY of my guitars in over a week now. It makes me sad. :(
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