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  • Did you really send Cameron Barton money? CooleyJr...I hope you are aware that he is a known criminal on here and other forums. I would not send him least not in the hopes of getting anything in return..or being payed back.
    its all your fault!

    Damn Matt - hope the surgery works for you man. CT is horrific especially for us guitar players.
    Danka man. I'm holding fast for now, but I might not make it past the end of the summer.
    Thanks for letting me know, man! Really enjoyed the pics :p I had never seen a finish quite like that one haha!
    Going good Matt. How are you? Since we last talked I got married and got a few PRS's. Things are good.
    Not too much, man. I took some time off from playing but I'm getting back into shape now.
    very nice... hey remember a little while back i was asking if you could get your hands on materials for 24 fret floyd'd strats??? :D
    chillin, man. i've been considering a new project. might start it beginning of next year. how you been?
    well basically i'll only be using the one stock humbucker that came with it until i can scrape up enough money for a new set and i have 500k pots.
    going awesome man, i just gotta find a wiring diagram. everything i come across is so confusing or isn't the right one.
    Matt might you show me some of your works? how long did it take you to get decent results? would you recommend practice on other objects prior to dipping the guitar itself?
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