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    Where do tones come from?

    I came hers specifically to post this. I’m glad it’s been covered. The wider your power stance the thicker and girthier the tone.
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    What game are you playing?

    PS5 is Sony’s first good controller.
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    The Twitter fued we didn't know we needed....

    As long as Gen X - who had the coolest sounding name - know their place. And judging by this thread they do. Now go wait for your bosses to “retire” for another decade in the hopes of getting promoted.
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    NGD: Jackson USA Broderick Diabolic

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    What game are you playing?

    Buy the Hori controller handles for handheld mode. They aren’t battery powered but they are way more comfortable than the thin/near worthless Nintendo controller nuggets.
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    Dealing with the ravages of age as a vocalist

    Like I can’t tell you what to do or anything but as others have said. If you want to take care of your voice - a muscle - you’re going to have to actually take care of that muscle. Stop smoking flat out. This shit is gonna suck and I have no advice, but this is priority #1. Start or improve...
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    Polyphia with Vai

    Awwww, almost took the bait.
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    Polyphia with Vai

    Shit. I now want ONE Polyphia song to start with a breakdown, and then just steadily “devolve” into a catchy/poppy Polyphia track. But slowly enough that it takes a full minute to kick in.
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    Polyphia with Vai

    Finally, Polyphia haters have to pretend to like one song, or else admit they are just haters.
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    Jackson American Series

    Man, am I weird? I use a 50 for the low E on a 25.5 guitar. 10-50 for e standard.
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    NGD: ESP Eclipse 7 String Baritone

    Congrats!!! That’s such a unique guitar. Glad you got your white whale. So uhhhhh……you gonna play some trivium riffs on it or what?
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    Anderson 7 strings returning

    LEAKS LEAKS LEAKS LEAKS!!!! *this is a request not an announcement
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    I just ordered my first seven string

    This might help: it’s 5 extra low notes, that’s it. The low seven string as you know is tuned a fifth lower so have fun playing those power chords to see how they sound, etc. You’ll def hit the low string instead of your 6th a few times but other than that you’ll adapt quickly unless you went...
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    NEW jeff loomis devils triad sig pedal!

    But do it got a stone tho?