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  • Yes, a Norwegian friend showed me Pepsi power some years back and ever since then I've been hooked. You're the first person on this site that's noticed what it is haha
    Oh i just realized the problem. Due to my problem to fit it in the tuner i cut off more of the end of the string, so that the ball reinforcement was completly gone. It might be that the ball end reinforcement is too thick to fit in the bridge. Try and remove all of the ball end at it will fit. I didn't notice any change in durabilty while doing so.
    Hi man! That sounds a bit odd. No i actually switched to .074s with a larger core so it keeps the same tension as an .080. But to be honest you shouldnt really have a problem with fitting it. The only problem i had with the .080 was that it didnt quite fit in to the tuners. But the bridge was no problem.
    Hey! I have recently bought the D-Activators for the Agile, and next week I'll install them. Probably going to make a comparison video! ;)
    It's gonna have a walnut burl top, ziricote fretboard, 7 piece black korina/koa/ebony neck through, black korina body wings, a kahler trem and it's gonna be tuned B E B E A D G B E A

    After it's done I'll let you know how good it is and then you'll have a better idea if you'd want something from them in the future. :)
    Yeah dude! I'll be sure to post a detailed, lengthy NGD when it's done. People are gonna shit themselves when they see the specs on it! Unfortunately it's still gonna be a few months. :(
    Please stop bumping year and a half old threads to ask about tuning stability. If you have a question, PM someone with the guitar you're wondering about, or just make your own thread.
    I just realized that our guitars are a bit different - I have an Interceptor Pro 727 with a LFR tremolo.
    I have an older Carvin 6-string with a Kahler, and I was quite happy with the tremolo. I think what you're looking at are rollers that the strings rest on. They act as the knife edge and allow the strings to roll across rather than slide.
    I still think you're going to be very impressed with your guitar!
    Plays like shit, the neck is warped, the trem won't stay in tune, and the pickups buzz like a bitch.

    Just kidding man, I'm in love with my Agile - I have no complaints at all about it. The only issue I've ever had with it is that the tremolo arm doesn't like to "stick" into one position when you move it - it gets loose and tends to swing freely. But that's hardly something to get upset over.

    Congrats on your new axe!
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