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  • Yep, still got it although it doesn't see as much action anymore. Anyways, good hearing from you man, be safe overseas. Let me know if you ever make it down to Florida again, we'll get together and jam or something.
    Hey man, I saw your posts and saw the guitars in your sig and I realized that I know you irl I think haha.

    I used to work with you at Guitar Center a few years ago in Orlando. Hope all is well man, and I hope you're still shredding like crazy.
    Hey Joe! I hope you enjoy the guitar! Good luck on your tone quest, may you lay waste to many Vikings with your new Nordic Axe! Great doing business with you
    man i am from the tread of the devin signature , do you know how much is the% to import? some people say it is 60 % but some places tell less , if you know please tell me i am seriusly thinking in buying a good guitar which i don t have here in the country for a payable price thanks for the attention man ^^
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