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  • I just looked through your geetars album and....man....you have lots of :cool: :shred: guitars that you owned :hbang:

    Btw, how do you managed to sold of some of them??
    ok guys, ive been m.i.a for awhile - gone for a month busy with life.

    i was on here like everyday for months since. have a few new axes & will post a ngd soon. :hbang:
    i understand, i haven't logged on since the dawn of creation.
    and it's at the shop right now, truthfully.
    Hahah, love the Boba Fett avatar dude. You might want to look into this:

    Star Wars Fett For Real Hoodie by Marc Ecko - Marc Ecko Enterprises

    I've got that one and the stormtrooper. They're sick!
    Well, if it is the saddle, then it's a super easy fix. All you have to do is replace the saddle, which costs about $20, but if the guitar is still under warranty, you may be able to get the part for free.

    Though, I can't really tell you what the problem is without some pics, so I'm only speculating.

    I suggest you use the "broken saddle" as a reason to get a the guitar for cheaper, then turn around and call Ibanez at (215)245-1648 or 1-800-669-4226 (ask for Tom or Matt, they're cool dudes) and explain to them the issue. Don't tell them you're the guitar's second owner. Tell them it came like that, and seeing as the RGA8 is a 2010 model, any replacement parts should be covered under warranty.
    are you also dyslexic? :)
    I meant no offense, but in all honestly what type of colour blindness stops you from seeing gray text?
    Well, with that kind of a deal I would have bought one blindly too. I'm just wondering whether the agile reputation is related to what they cost or will they even be match for some well known high end products. I'll be at the edge of my seat waiting for pics as You will soon find out what those beasts are made of...
    aargh you are killing me - if that would have been a LACS ibanez you ordered then I would have probably died of envy at this very place.

    Agiles seem to be one of the few reasonably priced guitars that I've seen that have the specs I want like reverse headstock, floating trem, 24 frets, 7strings, flamed/quilted/exotic top and last but not least no clearly identifyable superstar signature things on it like the inlay on K-7 or any part on UV.

    I never got my hands on agiles though but I guess you are more familiar with them - how's the quality on them compared to for example some normal prestige Ibby?
    wow - That is one brilliant set of guitars you got there sir!

    I always thought that that sword esp thing was a fine product of esp custom photoshop or at least they would have it hanging in their hq wall somewhere... Although there would be a dozen custom guitars on my dream list that I would invest on before buying anything like that but I got to admit that it is kinda cool. congrats!

    and so many nice reverse headstocks there... Good thing that I didn't notice any reverse headstock sevens there as I would be on my way swimming over the atlantic to try to rob them from you :)
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