playing guitar & games

God is good
orbiting caprica
Primary Seven
xiphos 7
Main Rig
Line 6 spyder jam 75
Real Name
i only wish
Primary ERG
7 string xiphos
Sevenstring Guitars
Had an Ibanez Universe, Agile Custom 7str v, Ibanez 7str Xiphos
Other Guitars
ESP Custom Shop MK II (K. Hammett), ESP/LTD DJ-600 (D. Jacobs sig.), Jackson King V (D. Mustaine sig.), Ibanez DT-555BK Destroyer II (P. Collen end. mod.), Ibanez Xiphos (Halo 3 ed. 1 of 20), Fender Custom Standard Strat (neck thru-24 fret-reverse headstock-no pick guard-emg 81 & 85-kahler 2700 series),Washburn ML project (Dime sig.), BC Rich NJ series Warlock project, ESP F-50, Cort Effector Explorer (the cheap Sears guitar that started it all for me), ESP Alfee Angel Sword (1 of 10)
Crate GFX-65,Rocktron Rampage RT80
Effects & Pedals
line 6 fbv express, crate 3 pos. footswitch
game tester-tough job but someones gotta do it
Cabinets / Monitors
one day i'll get a "big boy" amp
Studio & Recording Gear
my crappy laptop
Misc/Other Gear
tama 5 pc. drum kit w/ iron cobra double bass pedal & zildjian cymbals
warlock 5 string bass


from texas or live here? check in ---> http://sevenstring.org/threads/texas-sso-members-check-in.244769/

esp custom shop alfee 20th ann. angel sword (1 of 20)
esp custom shop toshihiko takamizawa flying a (1 of 3)
esp custom shop mk-II kh sig (before he had a sig)
ltd dan jacobs ex sig - bloodsplatter
ltd wayne static ex sig - treadplate
jackson custom shop soloist (gone)
jackson dave mustaine king v
dean angel of deth mustaine v
ibby phil collen destroyer II dt-555bk
ibby xiphos 7 string - chameleon green
ibby xiphos halo 3 xbox 360 edition (1 of 20)
ibby xiphos summer slaughter tour (1 of 4)
ibby xiphos - 27 fret / satin black
ibby rg8 white mod project
epi goth edition flying v
agile hornet (king v) 7 string - rear loaded
cort effector (first guitar) explorer clone
about 4 grandspas guitars...plus many more lol