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  • Hey Joe,
    Haven't heard from you for awhile. Just hoping to hear back about the Leviathan you were building for me. If you're still having trouble with your house could you just fix up that misdrilled one and send me that.
    Hey man I'm not sure what happened but I sent you payment to fix and mod my Maxon 808. I have not received the pedal and have had no response to recent emails I have sent you. The last I heard you said you were shipping the pedal out to me a few weeks ago. I hope all is well.
    I bought one of your Bloody Murder pedals just a couple of months ago, and I've never gotten around to thanking you for it. This thing is great! It makes every amp sound better, and it does wonders on cleans too! One of the best overdrive/boost pedals I've ever owned. Thanks man!
    I got the resistors, desoldering wick, and bias probe. :)

    The plugs don't fit my cheap-o multimeter so I'm gonna have to go look for a new one and some electrical contact cleaner before I just jam things into the tube socket. The resistors really don't matter in which direction they go on, right? Sounds like a silly question but it never hurts to ask.
    Awesome! Metal film it is, hah!

    Have you ever modded a 5150/6505?

    I've been reading a whole done and I'm pretty confident about all this minus one thing. I just keep reading about warnings and to check and drain the amp's power or I could freakin' die. Unfortunately, with all the warnings, I haven't really found how to do this and be 100% safe.

    What's the difference between carbon and metal film resisters?
    Which of the two should I use when doing the bias mod to my 5150II?

    Metal film cost just a tad more so I take it they're just built better?

    Thanks in advance, Joe!
    Hi, I recently read and post in the engl powerball tube mod. Please tell me where did you get the 5881's matched quartett. I'm trying to make my Powerball sound better.
    So somewhere around 3k is pretty good in between right? :)

    Super bright LEDs are cool and all but I don't wanna blind myself while trying to find what I'm about to step on.
    Yo man, what resistance 1/4 watt resistor should I use to get a super bright glow? This schematic I have says anywhere from 2k to 5k is fine but I really don't know anything about electronics just yet so is 2k less resistance than 5k? So the closer to 2k I can get, the brighter it'll be?
    I don't have my own paypal account so it maye be a sec before I get the transaction completed.
    Mail to 328 N. Belaire Monett, MIssouri 65708
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