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    The Epiphany thread...?

    Isn't that the mark of a true nihilist, the paradox of not even believing in nihilism?
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    student loan forgiveness

    You could take that even further back to the command for debts to be forgiven in the Mosaic law. That was only every 49 years I think, but the years around it would probably be very interesting.
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    Why are you happy right now?

    I feel like this is somehow a metaphor for the dynamics of your workplace as discussed in the other thread.
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    Why are you happy right now?

    I mean, squeezing out chunky pus from alongside your nailbed is oddly cathartic. But I'm personally not convinced that one painfully satisfying rush in the final stages makes the whole ordeal worthwhile.
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Ok, you win. Bringing that level of stuff into the workplace is way beyond what I'm dealing with. Super inappropriate. It's a little late, but I guess I have something to be thankful for.
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Out of the people I mentioned, a couple in particular will rant for hours about the "evil progressives" and the "death jab" and it's really exhausting, but then they'll also go out of their way to help people when they see a need. It really makes me sad to see the dichotomy of these people I've...
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Most of the people I know in real life who say the kind of things he does are hard-working, family-oriented and generally kind to people when not discussing politics. And that's out of dozens; only one or two are actually jerks.
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Rejoice! *thousands of left-coast millennials load up their fancy gluten-free bread and toasters for the pilgrimage*
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Betterhealth. For crap's sake it's on every single podcast I listen to. The ubiquity is giving me the impression that they're the mental health version of WalMart.
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    The most powerful way my parents got me to change my mind about something was by acting like they liked it. For example, hearing my dad sing along to Disturbed in the shower in operatic bass voice = Disturbed is ruined, no more listening to them. Could it be that your dad is playing a long game...
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    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    When you play natural harmonics, even though you're emphasizing one particular partial you're still playing the whole open string. You can't touch any part of the open string without muting it when playing it normally, so you can't do it with harmonics either. That's how I explain it to myself...
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    What player did you recently realize is a badass?

    Moran Wasser. This guy can shred on his 11 string but more importantly is a great interpreter. Never heard of him until he popped up on my YouTube recommendations, but everything on I've watched on his channel is phenomenal. His beard is also badass.
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    At least that's better than the "carnival music" solos he pulls out occasionally... Beyond this Life, for example. Even as a teenage DT fanboy that pissed me off.
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    Any idea what this is worth?

    A dude I know got one on Craigslist for $150 a while ago. Great bass at that price. I imagine you could get more though.
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    Why are you happy right now?

    I saw frost, which is as close to snow as we get, on the grass for the first time this morning. I also got to pick up a literally steaming pile of crap my dog left on said frost. :lol: