Lionel Draco
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Dec 6, 2018
Apr 14, 2013
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Lionel Draco

Dark Lord, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dec 6, 2018
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez J Custom 8527Z
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez J Custom 8527Z
    Other Guitars:
    ESP Original Series Arrow, 1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Schecter Synyster Custom, Jackson Warrior, LTD MH-50
    Diezel VH4
    Effects & Pedals:
    Damage Control Solid Metal, Maxon OD9, Jim Dunlop KH-95 Crybaby Wah, BBE Sonic Stomp, Boss Noise Suppressor, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, MXR EVH Phase 90
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Orange 2x12 Closed Back Cab
    Dragon Enthusiast

    Guitars, Cars, Hip Hop, Popculture freak


    ESP Original Series Arrow w/ BKP Aftermath's
    Ibanez J Custom RG8527Z w/ Lundgren M7's
    1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ "The Original"
    Schecter Synyster Custom w/ SD Invaders
    Jackson Warrior w/ EMG 81 & 85
    LTD MH-50 w/ EMG Kerry King set
    Diezel VH4
    Orange PPC212 Closed Back Cab w/ V30 and G12K-100
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