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  • I love your handle.

    SevenString.org - Thaeon's Album: Tats - Picture

    I have one on each arm. ;)
    Hey, thanks a bunch for checking it out, glad you liked it. The tone is probably half coming from the Axe and half is in the mix. When coming up with the tone, I like to remove frequencies I know I won't need to record, so I set low and high pass filters in my Axe Fx chain. Maybe around 90Hz for the high pass and 11k for the low pass for that particular patch. In the mix I ended up moving the high pass up to a little over 100Hz, and there were a couple of minor cuts in the 150 -300Hz range and again in the 3-6kH range.
    I have not! I made it through the second one and then life hit...haven't been able to read anything in over a year...Finishing school, going to work everyday, and training for shipping off to the military in a few months...no time for anything hardly. :(
    I really loved aMoL! But hated the fact that there is no epilogue or whatver.. so many questions :(
    Is your avatar Rhand Altor? If so, let's be friends hahah! Memory of light blew me away
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