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    Leah Woodward - Aliases Guitar Playthrough

    2nd YouTube video that I've put together for songs off the old CD, more to come! Blackmachine Guitars Diezel Amps Elixir Strings TC Electronics Hope you enjoy :) x
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    New Aliases track and video (new singer)

    New Mad World cover -
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    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    New Aliases Mad World cover -
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    Diezel 2x12 with eminence speakers

    still for sale??
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    Thoughts on Invictus Guitars

    .....and a quick p.s. if any of you guys wanna try out the Invictus Guitars at any Aliases shows/clinics or whatever just ask!! We'll be more than happy to show you them!! :)
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    Thoughts on Invictus Guitars

    Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust sayin'...... "looked at on the stand....." even if it was a long and hard stare.... ;) pick it up....the guitar's stunning. Enough said on that one!
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    Aliases Guitar Cover Competition

    You can do whichever you want or cover both and do a split screen video!? Just because you cover both parts though doesn't mean you're going to win it necessarily! So don't worry about that! No particular requirements, we're going to be judging the vids on all factors Really looking forward...
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    Aliases Guitar Cover Competition

    We've just uploaded the guitar tab to our single 'We Never Should Have Met' Visit: ALIASES | Facebook to download the tab and to enter the competition. You have until an 1st to learn the song and post a video on YouTube of your playthrough!! The most awesome entry will get glory and prize...
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    Parker Fly Classic - UK

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Parker Fly Classic in Trans Red, guitar is in almost new condition, tiny chip by the strap lock at the bottom (pics available) Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell case & original accessories Location...
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    Looking for a 7string around the £300 mark(UK)

    I'm not 100% sure whether or not to sell it but I have a LTD Stephen Carpenter sig 7 string (SC-207), with a Bareknuckle Painkiller in the bridge if you'd be interested or...a cheaper option, a Peavey Predator 7 string? If you're interested, hit me up!
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    Cool Aliases Vid!

    Haha yeah man sorry about that! We wanted a split screen thing but we had loads probs with the video editor so we just did a sketchy swapping thing!! Glad you're liking it anyway! If you want to laugh at me learning the outro to that tune today then check out - Unfortunately Mac sound...
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    Cool Aliases Vid!

    Excuse the video quality & horrendous editing!! Glad you guys are enjoying it!
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    Aliases - We Never Should Have Met for (paid) download

    Haha this is Leah, Pin's on sevenstring as well though! He just hasn't seen the thread yet I don't think! Very true, not long left! The site itself isn't bad either, however we will get it up a few different places as well Cheers Fred!
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    Aliases - We Never Should Have Met for (paid) download

    Nice one man! Will get it done! Been told! ;) I'm on it haha!
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    Aliases - We Never Should Have Met for (paid) download

    Itunes? We only didn't upload it cause of their percentage on the track However if there's demand for it there we'll do it for sure Up on bandcamp at the moment, Glad you guys are liking it anyway!!