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  • Larry I've always wondered...why do you type and then hit enter early like:

    "hello my name
    is larry how are you doing today
    my favorite vegetable
    is not carrots, they taste rather
    Hey Larry! A NHD thread would be intense :cool:
    I hope the deal went through for you. There's still a chance
    I'll be back down there soon enough. And yes, we'll have to keep in touch either way!
    ah yea, the Absence -_-
    Not too much going on down here, but there are a few Sarasota Bands that are pretty
    good. Didn't realize the Obituary/Deicide guitarist was in Tampa. I'll be getting lessons from him soon. It'll be interesting!
    Right now I'm in the Nokomis/sarasota area, which isn't too close but not bad.
    Wont be here long :flex: I only know a few 7 stringers in the area. Are there any good local bands over there?
    Hi, Larry

    You're best to contact Kurt at Rondo Music directly with your questions. I'm not affiliated with the company in any way. I just kick-started the whole 8-string build process here.
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