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  • Hoppas också på det. ska testa so fort jag är hemma och har hittad adaptern till mina jävla hörlurar :D
    Man, the M7 just absolutely slays for rythm, it really does! Just really tight and punchy :) Was running it through the VHT->Palmer yesterday and am very pleased with the results!

    Just got a load more pickups to have a play around with, dsonic7, and some old friends, evo7 :)D) and a D-Activator-7 :D
    Ah, just put some foam under the pickup, so it acts like a spring and allows you to raise and lower it, the foam that's in the pickup box i sent ypou should do the trick ;)
    :lol: Excitement too much to bear :lol: Enjoy it man!

    Also, I'd drill some pilot holes for the screws so you can adjust the height, best way is to cover the pole pieces in gold pen (the paint-like kind) and then place in pickup cavity, then drill some small guide holes so the screws fit in it :D
    Yeah man :) Going to solder it up tonight, and pairing it with a bkp cold sweat neck, should be interesting to see what it's like! :D
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