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  • Hi Lace.
    I just purchased an Agile Intrepid Pro 828 and I'm interested in putting your Deathbar/x-bar combo in it. I just have a question. The guitar has passive 8 string pickups installed. Will your pickups fit the cavity? I'm thinking that the 3.5s will work but I wanted to ask you directly before I ordered anything.
    Hey Lace!

    I just received my 4.0 X-Bar and it sounds MASSIVE!
    Though, I'm a bit puzzled by one thing.. See, as the disc you provide does not have details on the x-bar/deathbar wiring I improvised and did this: red to switch, white w/black stripe to ground and the green+white were taped together and not soldered to anywhere.

    Is this right? It sounds right, but I have never owned or played one of your pickups before so I couldn't know.. :lol:


    Would it be possible to wind one a bit hotter, say 3.3K? Do you think it could possible be a middle ground between the Humbucker and 90?
    What is the closest six string Lace pickup to the Aluma 90? I really want one based on the sounds the X bar gets, but I have humbucker routes.
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