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  • ah been GAS'ing for a pair of ADAMs for ages now, been using the basic m audio bx5a monitors for everything, i've learned them well but they get foggy on the low end as you could prolly tell ha. you have facebook? would love to hit you up for more critique in the future if you wouldnt mind
    awesome, definitely keen to hear more. What's your monitoring setup mate? Hit the nail on the head w those mix tips!
    thanks for the tips in my thread mate, post some more stuff on your soundcloud! that drum and bass clip sounds great
    Hey man! Happy new year!

    About my Hent build.. I responded on my own wall (?), so just letting you know in case you haven't seen it. Basically it's still being made, and I'll get more more pics in about 2 weeks!
    these were the only guys i found that would ship outside the usa. here is where i got mine from...

    Crazy Dave's Music ships worldwide
    NEW Ibanez RG8 WH White 8 String Electric Guitar Rosewood Fretboard RG8WH | eBay
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