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  • hey man, long time no talk...havent really been on here...harmonys really got control and such

    but hey listen my bands playing at the space July 11th and todays the 10th so i apologize for short notice....
    if your not doing anything you should stop by.....

    were balls deep heavy but like
    ivroyline(epic) and automatic loveletter(tooth and nail)

    are going

    if you need must respond

    [email protected]
    Happy July, d00d! Last month blew for me... hopefully this one's better.
    Wow thats a trip you know Mark. I met Samantha 2 years ago at a club here in L.A. shes cool she showed me some stuff on the turntables and I liked DJ'ing after. I still cant believe know mark thats a trip man.
    The singers a DJ I do some DJ'ing to Im good friends with DJ lethal he worked w/limp bizkit I also know Samantha Ronson. Does he DJ in NYC?
    Hey man I saw the thread you posted the chord progression kicks ass is that the kind of stuff your band plays it sounds good.
    Meat hooks, and genitals? Interesting point.

    Now post these said ideas, from said "To Do" folder. :evil:
    Can you run faster than a Kenyan? I cant......the lion would eat me first.......:lol:
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