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  • Oh, I'll see if AIM is still on my PC and I'll log on tomorrow, I forgot I had an account :lol:
    :wallbash: I misplaced my notes, damnet :lol: I recall I was doing one of the first missions they send you, investigation of an ancient distress call, I was on this search for various artifacts, I recovered only a few, I think I was chasing these distress calls all over the place and finally they lead me into enemy territory (the religious squid people), I'm still looking for whatever it is. That game is crazy. I might have to peak the guide cause I just can't find this whatever I'm looking for. :lol:

    I've done a lot of exploring, I've found some freaky shit, all the best stuff though isn't on the maps, they're hidden in the Nebulas and I hate flying through there.

    I gotta pop that game back in, it's been a few months. The game seems so shallow at first but after you dive in it's too deep to hold your head up :lol:
    I got ES IV Oblivion on my PS3, the graphics are already dated but it looks amazing and yeah you can do as you please, I steal everything in plane sight and never get caught :lol:

    I'm just saying Star Flight was way, way ahead of its time for '91. Get he whole package if ya can, the map it extremely rare though and worth as much or more than the game itself. The manual is amazing, there's an awesome short story in there by a well known sci-fi writer and a full blown strategy guide that'll help you beat the whole game. It's so thick the case itself bulges and it weighs several pounds! :lol:
    Don't worry some cunt spoiled that on the first line of his guide, what a dumbass seriously I never would have saw that coming! But hey sooner or later some one I know would have been like, "het wasn't that messed up when Nei died?" :lol:

    If you wanna game where the ONLY way to play is to write stuff down try Star Flight, that game is more open ended than Grand Theft Auto. I mean it's completely up to you whether or not you want to uncover the story, and you can do it anyway you please, that game is amazing. I put it up there with PS2 and PS1 for sure!
    It is good music yeah, but I always get the PS1 music stuck in my head, I'd love to play the battle music on guitar, I'm workin on Duke Nukem right now so maybe later.

    Seriously I think PS1 looks a tad better than PS2, even though there's like no animations and backgrounds are awesome! The first person dungeons are a bitch but hell I use guides for that :lol: I am starting to like PS2 a bit better now though cause the plot is so good, I was completely shocked when that criminal killed his daughter then pulled a grenade on himself in the begining. I was like "holy shit! that's harsh!" Ya didn't see a lot of that stuff in games back then.
    I'll pick up PS3 if the gameplay is great and multiple endings sounds cool. I think most people dislike it because it lost a sci-fi vibe from PS2 a little bit. It seems more like a traditional RPG plot when the PS series never was.

    You don't have PS2? The graphics are mediocre but it is the hardest in the series. Any progress in the game gives you satisfaction. It's one of those games that'll make you scream at the screen but you just have to beat it, not to mention you just have to know what went wrong with the place. The plot sucks you in man, can't say that about PS1 :lol: but the plot is so damn funny you like it anyway. :lol: Dr. Mad :lol:
    I started playing the second one a while back and man it's like the hardest RPG ever! The first one is still my favorite, manly cause the graphics blow me away for 8 bit! I have the first two complete and in great condition, I might pick up the 4th one next as the plot for the third seemed kinda lame and bows and arrows for the lose. I had em all on my PSP but it's not the same ya know? Plus I'm an ambitious Sega collector :lol:
    Yeah man, the frets feel great. Not really hard to get used to at all. The tuning does shift all of the patterns around so it is taking time to get adjusted but along the way new patterns are forming.

    I did consider putting the mid point of the fan a little closer to the nut so it would not be such a drastic fan at that end of the neck, but because of the tuning it's actually far easier to play chords.
    Sure thing man. Thanks for the comments too. The frets feel great. The tuning is still keeping me busy but it's fun to approach the guitar so differently. It's really making me excited to play again.
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