Love music and playing the guitar, bass and i'm the Bassist of Collibus.

music, playing guitar, Music Production, Skiing, Snowboarding, Philosophy
Sep 16, 1985 (Age: 37)
Manchester, UK
Primary Seven
Ibanez RG1527
Main Rig
OD808 > Laney VH100R
Real Name
Ritchie Kershaw
Myspace URL
Primary ERG
Ibanez RG2228GK
Sevenstring Guitars
Ibanez RG1527
Other Guitars
Dingwall AB1
Dingwall NG-2
Ibanez RG2228GK
Orange AB200B
Laney VH100R
Laney BC120
Effects & Pedals
Bass - TC Electronics Polytune 2, Darkglass Duality, Darkglass B7K, Origin Effects Cali 76x

Guitar - Maxon OD808, Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah, Boss NS-2, Planet Waves CT-04

BBE sonic maximizer
Boss CS-3
Musician, Music Production, Sound Engineer
Cabinets / Monitors
Orange OBC8X10
Vanderkley 410LNT
Marshall JCM 900 1960 cab
Studio & Recording Gear
Pro Tools LE 7.4, M Box 2, IMac, Tannoy active monitors, SM-57'S, Rode NT2000, EWSO, Kontakt 2, Digidesign 002 (Band) various plug ins
Misc/Other Gear
Planet waves cables and straps
Red and Black Jazz 3's

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