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  • I know... since I moved I've been so busy with work and school I haven't even bothered to set my PC up. I thought it was a good thing at first cause I used to spend way too much time on there, but now I kinda miss it. I've basically just been using my phone(I'm typing this from the McDonald's drive through) Btw I'm finally on the Snapchat if you wanna add me. My name is jaceaaronwalsh.
    Yeah they didn't give two shits coming up with that one. I vaguely remember us talking about this a long time ago too lol. My favorite one is Mongols for the Mongolians, although I prefer the non-PC term Mongoloids.
    Hello Not-Fat Elf and his friend black friend JAMAL. Btw I will be back on Steam soon to Jeccupost and get mad at eewhomersimpson.mp4

    I just get on Overwatch these days for the dream of being in Matt Heafy's twitch stream.
    It's Saber from Fate Stay/Night(which you can watch on netflix or crunchyroll for only 9.99 a month) aka my waifu xD

    good to make your acquaintance kind sir
    Stay Night by not pirating or uploading to Youtube thank you!
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