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  • played it as a kid, i grew up watching it haha.
    i injured my knee *i cant kick balls etc without it locking up* which prevented me from playing rugby / soccer, so i stopped.

    i'm a very involved fan though :)

    OOOOOOO a rugby fan from Singapore!
    I follow the Crusaders, but meh - you going to watch the competition this year?

    Hey! Thanks dude I've been ok :hbang:
    How about yourself? I'm pretty torn right now with my new jackson :]
    Turns out the guitar is most likely a prototype version, one of the first 50 made.
    BUT the newer batch will feature binding *drools*
    Tough, choice. But I'll probably exchange :lol:
    thanks dude :wub: I cant rep you back at the moment, it says i have given to much in the past 24 hours... Tomorrow I will try again :)
    Right on dude, thanks a lot! Just finishing the solos on the new record, it's a big step up IMO. Next are vocals then mix and mastering so hopefully out later in the year. Metal,

    - Sacha
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