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  • Well if you pick up an Edwards LP I'll be curious to hear your opinion of it. I'm currently working on getting a few other guitars. But an Edwards is definitely on my GAS list.
    Hey man. I came across your comments about getting an Edwards. Just curious, are there any Edwards dealers in the U.S.? Or do you have to get them on eBay and such?
    Yeah i have the ebony board strat and maple board tele. And i find the tele a lil brighter cause of the maple then the strat even though the tele has more wood. I like both but i play the strat most.
    Thanks man. Il proly just end up with both lol. I have the strat in black and the tele in black already. Both are just great guitars
    How is the jim root jazzmaster? How does it feel/sound. Is it more like the strat or tele? I dont know if i want a another strat or the jazzmaster. I just love these guitars.
    Hey man, congrats on the new 2014 RD, just wondering where you got it from ? been looking everywhere for one lol, cheers!
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