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  • when i read something on a forum i dont read it with emotion, because there is no way of me knowing how they want it to be read without proper punctuation, itallics, etc. But everyone has their opinion and what not.
    wow it seems like almost all of your negs are people hating on your intelligence. It may be true that some very smart people are jerks, but at least you know that jerk is intelligent.
    As he recalls, it was something about religion, but then you both agreed about how philosophy can be really lame.
    I doubt it, I've never hung out with Frank outside of attending school stuff together. Mostly internet friends. I believe you are facebook friends with my roomie Andrew Enloe however.
    Dude, I just realized where I've seen you. You're friends with Frank Serafine right? I'm a friend of his from Belmont, and originally from Texas myself
    I don't know if you checked the conversation in the Politics forum, but I've updated this massively in the last two months. Worth a re-read if you haven't done so lately.

    That is, if your cohomology isn't still kicking your Ass. :lol:

    The URL changed a tad, though. Here's the new one.

    Imperium Carta Libertatum
    I'm a complete moron and accidentally neg-rep'd you. Sorry bro, I'll get you back with some posi-rep. :)
    Here's a little academic work of mine, a sort of middle finger to the state, if you will. :)

    So be brutal, tell me how how much more I have to learn before I should even attempt something like this. :lol:

    Imperium Carta Libertatum
    I was thinking Natalie Portman (E-B = 6). I forgot about Danica McKellar. I knew she wrote that "kids book", but I didn't even think about undergrad papers. I had to look it up, her E-B is 6 too. There's also Kiralee Hayashi (E-B = 3), but the only movies she was in, that I recognize, she just did stunts.
    Instead of bumping semi-ancient threads, you do know who the actress that has a single-digit Erdős–Bacon number, right?
    I made it a slight but sharper for you. all the rest of the proportions are all the same

    The jazz III is just a bit bigger but the same basic shape.Ihe green and white squares are approx. 1 inch give or take 1 mm. or so
    Sorry about the quality I leave them with Kind of a distressed finish.Their not completely perfect but They look great in my opinion
    I wanna sell them at 1 For 8 bux or 3 for 20.I use standard sharp but I slightly modify them because they are alittle too sharp.I also make a new shape Its sharp but the rest of the pick is squared off .It looks like an open envelope .They are super comfortable.I will try and get a picture Up for ya. Thanks for your interest
    I am basicly making whatever people want.I mostly make a jazzIII type but a little sharper and not as rounded on the top half I will hopefully have pictures up tonight thanks
    Dude I just finished reading "A Mathematicians Lament" and it was amazing! It of course totally changed my view of math. Im still not looking forward to 6-7 more semesters of math though :squint:. Do you get into these more abstract, conceptual forms of math when you get higher up?
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