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  • Not sure if you bought one already but I've seen a few Holcombs listed recently for higher prices than they should. I've seen two sell in recent past, one was $2700 (REALLY nice top) and one was $2300. Just throwing it out there so you didn't settle and overpay for one with a meh top. :wavey: It was a limited run but they DO pop up, I've bought 3 of them myself now. ;)
    Hey man, how much is the new Huf setting you back, if you don't mind me asking?
    I'm way interested in getting a quality second guitar and I might as well go custom. :)
    Alright I'll let you know next time the band gets together and we're not too busy working on songs. or hell, we can probably jam at GC or wherever with my band's other guitarist :lol:
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