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  • Ah, crap, I accidentally deducted rep from you, and it won't let me correct it! I'll hit you up doubly in the next two days to make up for it. Sorry, man! :lol:
    I missed you, man! It's been awhile, huh. I decided to move on from the government job and go back to med school. So the first year I was so busy, but now things have calmed down a little bit and I find myself having a few minutes of free time every month lol. What's new?
    No need to go that far. :lol: I was just shocked because I saw the "du har fel" yesterday in movie subtitles (they sub the movies in both fin/swe here in movie theatres as Swedish is the 2nd official language of Finland) and it just seemed weird but I'm glad I could ask my native Swedish person the right answer. Tack så mycke (once again)! :D
    Hey, I was wondering the other day, why do you say "du har fel" in Swedish instead of "du är fel"" when you say "you are wrong"? :eek:
    Hey what's up with Sweden and refugees... check this out... curious on your thoughts:

    LiveLeak.com - Gruesome afghan Rape Marathon in Swedish refugee camp
    I was watching Fareed on CNN last week and they were talking about best places in the world to live. Scandinavia had like 3 in the top 10 and 4 if you count Switzerland. My wife wants to move to Sweden when I get out of medical school now! :yesway:

    How hard is it to emigrate / have dual citizenship there if you're not a native?
    Hey what's up?!?! I thought of you the other day because the Bruins just (sort of) signed Karl Sodeburg from the Swedish Hockey League.
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