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    Treble strings sounding "thuddy"

    Sorry, i mean: A wound with whatever gauge gives you your preferred tension.
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    Treble strings sounding "thuddy"

    No :) I think it does not work like that. For a particular gauge string (either a large or small gauge), if the scale length increases the tension must increase a little to maintain the 'feel' (perceived tension). However ... As you seemed to mention, larger gauges have more mass and therefore...
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    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Nice. I assume this works as you have mentioned elsewhere, multiplying the tension by the scale ratio?
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    trouble with truss rod setup

    You misunderstood the article (which is good advice) you linked, 'sighting the neck' and the 'tap test' are not affected by the bridge at all. With the tap test, you fret at 1st fret and at neck joint fret, so the bridge setup does not affect the gap between string and frets. It is unnecessary...
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    From 8 to 7 but maintaining the tuning

    What does this player claim? We do not have time to watch the video to find out. Winspear and Zhysick are correct. Evertune *only* stabilises the pitch of a string, it does not fix the other problems, such as tone, tension, playability etc. Indeed, some players are happy just having that pitch...
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    FU-Tone Silent Springs

    Careful with DIY methods. Vibrations need to be damped, but anything that adds drag to the lengthways spring stretching motion, like a large piece of rigid tubing, will reduce the spring's ability to fully return to its initial elongation, and therefore reduce pitch stability. This is why spring...
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    Mooer Headless Guitars

    I can understand why they chose a smartphone app editor, but personally i dislike trendy 'app controlled' ideas, i want an editor and screen, however simple, built into the guitar. The multiscale is for ergonomics, not tension, and although not particularly necessary it is also not a bad idea...
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    Ixlramp's innovative guitar bridge and tuner design thread

    Uhh ... i forgot that this would create an upwardly-projecting obstruction next to the saddle. The string clamp will have to be some kind of low-profile design, perhaps using the design discussed in post #17 of this thread. So, this probably makes the design a little more complex.
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    Ixlramp's innovative guitar bridge and tuner design thread

    Your post caused me to investigate the Sophia tremolo ( Because the 'fine tuners' are essentially headless tuners, it can be used as a headless guitar tremolo. I would not call this 'double locking' because the string is initially clamped 10mm behind the saddle...
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    Multi scale Telecaster?

    Weird logic. If you try different strings you might solve the problem and therefore your current guitar will already be the 'right guitar' :) You are jumping directly to the most extreme last resort without trying the obvious and simple solution. To change tension, change gauge, not the entire...
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    Multi scale Telecaster?

    I suggest you first try swapping it for a gauge .0005 smaller, for example .009 -> .0085 to slightly reduce the tension. You might need to change string brands to one that sells 'half gauge' single strings. These 'half gauges' usually do not appear in the brand's string sets, only as single...
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    Ixlramp's innovative guitar bridge and tuner design thread

    ___Design ideas for headless double locking fixed bridge hardware___ ___Introduction___ Recently i was thinking 'what is the ultimate tuner hardware?'. There are several characteristics i am interested in, but the primary 2 i thought of were: 1. Headless configuration: For the balance, tuning...
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    Floyd Rose Saddle out of space for intonation

    You mean .054, .058, .022, .020, you have all your gauges stated 10 times larger. Drop B has 2 Bs, i assume you mean the low B. Apart from the effect of setup, saddle intonation offset is determined by string stiffness (by 'stiffness' i do not mean tension, i mean the opposite of...
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    Headless tuners on the headstock

    The De Brug Gitaren headpiece can, as stated by the webpage. Although ... the seller states that these are not for existing guitars, the neck needs to be specifically built for this headpiece.
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    Headless tuners on the headstock

    I found 2 more examples. Doolin Guitars, acoustic bass guitar De Brug Gitaren, electric guitar Headless Headpiece This has the string ferrules at the tuner end, so is often used with a double-locking trem...